A mom and her 2 teen daughters stand on bridge in Milford
Teenage girl smiles as she leans against a tree, Milford Michigan
Teen girl smiles and leans against tree in Milford's Central Park

Time Flies

I have known this beautiful lady since circa mid to late 00s when over tweezed eyebrows were on trend and it was still early in both of our nursing careers. We often teamed up caring for moms and their babies while pregnant with our own. I blinked and now she is a Certified Nurse Midwife and we both have teenagers! Gasp! I miss working with her so this was great to catch up. And we had plenty of time for that as we waited out the downpour…despite both of our weather apps indicating that there was a 0% chance of rain! Zero! Well, the monsoon hovering over our vehicles indicated otherwise. 

When the rain let up enough we jumped out and headed straight to the bridge over Pettibone Creek in Central Park (Milford). This park has character, Henry Ford history, and a cute bridge. As a photographer, I am drawn to the cute bridge. Lol. My favorite photos from this session were on the bridge, or in front of the bridge. As cute as it is, it was definitely not the focal point. Nor was it supposed to be… This mother daughter trio had that wrapped up!

They were twinning, or is it tripling? I don't know but either way they were all rocking their olive greens and ripped jeans. Maybe I should try to" twin" with my twin 7 year old boys! But I don't really want to wear Avengers or minecraft! Just not sure we can pull it off the same way!

It was so fun to see how much these girls have grown up. They are unique and have their own personalities but they are definitely their mother's daughters! Witty and confident, yet warm and kind! The session was full of giggles and went by entirely too fast!

I love every session but this was a definite favorite! Catching up with an old friend + cooperative teens in a beautiful place makes my photographer's heart happy! And served as a great reminder to enjoy all your moments. Blink again and our babies will be graduating!