Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean to be a natural light photographer?

A natural light photographer uses the sun as a light source. The available light from the sun varies with the time of day and season. Many natural light photographers are drawn toward what's known as "the golden hour." The golden hour is a time frame shortly after sunrise and before sunset. It is a preferred time because it casts even, warm, light that is flattering to all skin tones. While I would love to photograph at noon, we will not get the desired soft glow of the golden hour. Middle of the day photography often brings about harsh light and shadows... Sometimes it's unavoidable, such as with weddings. Skilled photographers will find the right light/shade to make it work! But golden hour light opens up a world of options! I use flash when needed but soft natural light is my favorite!

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm located in Clarkston, Michigan and have several favorite locations that I know you'll love. I am always happy to try new places if you have something specific in mind. If it requires greater than 1 hour total travel time (to and from), I am happy to oblige but will charge a nominal travel fee, accordingly.

When will we get our photos?

You will receive an online gallery link with all of your photos within a maximum of 3 weeks. Please contact me if you need the turn around time expedited!

What is your style?

My photography style is light, bright, and joyful! Take a look at my portfolio and see if we're a good match!

What should I wear?

Dress in something that makes you feel gorgeous! I recommend taking it up a notch. You can't overdress for this! Guys look great in a suit jacket. The ladies often look beautiful in dresses! These choices will open up more variety for posing. You will love your pics that much more! If you're conscientious about a certain body part, find clothing that flatters! For example, if you don't love your arms, I advise you to not wear sleeveless. The clothing you select will set the tone for the image. Have fun but also allow yourself time to put everything together! If you would like my opinion, you are welcome to send me a pic of clothing options! I'm happy to give input!