Couple with their kids and dog on the dock at Marshbank Park in West Bloomfield, MI

YES! Pets are part of the family...

Pets are part of the family so it's fantastic when you can successfully get them in your family pictures! It makes for cuteness overload! However, not all pets will love or make this an easy experience. And it can even be traumatic for some. It also depends on the personality of the pet and the approach of the photographer and family.

Suggested Do's & Don'ts for bringing your pet...

Do...Let me know

If you're contemplating bringing a pet, please let me know. Sometimes I may plan a session a little differently if I know this ahead of time. It's helpful to know age, breed, motivators, and if your dog is allowed off leash, etc.

Do...Bring Friends or Family Members that are good with your Pet.

We may need some help to get your pet content for photos. Or help keep them entertained during other sets where they are not featured. And if you have multiple pets, you may need multiple helpers. A good friend or family member can make all the difference when it comes to calming and comforting. Sometimes it is not needed. But often it is very helpful, depending on the pet!

Do...Let your pet exercise or explore safely prior to our session.

If a dog is in a new or unfamiliar place, it is likely going to need to explore before being ready. We all want that perfect family photo with all pets included. And sometimes it is attainable and sometimes it isn't. But being prepared and understanding of how your pet might feel is crucial. And don't let it ruin the rest of the session if your pet is not feeling it!

Don't plan to leave the pet in your vehicle...

Again, you know your pet better, but depending on where our session is, leaving Fido in the car can cause anxiety for them and for you! And yes, for the photographer, too! It can also be dangerous depending on the temperature. If it can be done safely and your pet is used to it and enjoys it, then that's a whole different situation, but please share with me so that I don't worry! Again, if you have reliable assistance, that is our best bet!

Think of it from their angle

This human that I don't know has this big machine in my face and my family is holding me tight. Am I at the vet? Why am I here? I'm for sure getting a shot... If your pet is not relaxed for photos it is understandable...and okay if it doesn't work out. In fact, they probably won't be upset if they don't make the final cut!

Family of four loves on their sweet dog at their family home in Clarkston, MI
Golden Retriever is happy about Mom marrying Dad

Is it a realistic goal? Or will we need a miracle?

Bottom line...think about your pet and what is best for Fido. Is a photo with your fur baby and family really possible or will it take an act of God or a high powered sedative to accomplish the task? Don't count on the photographer to have super pet whisperer abilities! That'd be great and all but I'm just not there as of yet. Pet or no pet, we can plan for a wonderful session either way!